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Special Offer: Right now PerfectMatch is running an offer, subscribe for 2 months and get another 2 months free (save $99). You’ll also get a free compatability profile valued at $40.

There are really only 2 times of online dating sites. There is casual dating and then there is matching making. Casual dating sites like offers carefree casual dating a some match making however at PerfectMatch you’ll find more matchmaking then just casual dating. No matter what age you are if your serious about finding that special someone to share your life with you’ll be happy you joined up with PerfectMatch.

Online dating is a fast and growing trend and with many casual dating sites going around you might be sick and tired of just the casual dates and looking for something more serious. What ever it is that you’re looking for you’ll be sure to be matched with an ideal partner at PerfectMatch.

The main goal of PerfectMatch is to provide a dynamice enviornment for the more mature group (30’s and over) the facility of finding the right match. Most people who use Perfect Match are people looking to get married or find a serious relationship to settle down in.

Upon signing up to PerfectMatch you’ll be presented with a lenghtly questionire which is worth filling out. This gives Perfect Match enough information about your personility to best match you up with someone you’ll be likley to be attracted to and maybe fall in love.

Perfect Match like the other popular dating sites have a unique matching system called “Total Compatibility System” where you’ll find accurate and successful love matches. The match making system won’t instantly find you the perfect partner in fact it takes time to go through activities and in time you’ll be asked new questions and this is where the system becomes more accurate.

Perfect Match is free to use however if you sing up as a Premium member you’ll have access to a comprehensive search tool which will help fine tune your search. The free search tool is not as accurate as this so you might be interested to try it out.

But before you jump right in to it you should know that finding the perfect partner takes time so you’ll want to get to know the person before asking them out. Using the tools for messaging and communicating, Perfect Match will give you all the information about that person you need. So strike up a conversation and see if the sparks are flying.

Our Review

eHarmony Testimonials

Jeffrey & Karen
Getting married on May 12, 2007

“Thank you Perfectmatch! I found MY Perfect Match and am beyond excited I have found true love.”
I came across Karen’s beautiful smile and flowing black hair. After reading her profile, I decided she could be my perfect match. ~ Jeff

The movie “Must Love Dogs” is initially what had given me the idea to try your website. If it hadn’t have been for this movie, I would have never picked your site out of the millions which are out there. I’d tried several other sites and was VERY discouraged. My best friend, Mary, asked me to see the movie and encouraged me to try the website. In fact, she even paid for it since I was so against trying yet another on-line dating site. Jeff was the only guy I wanted to go out with! He had all of the criteria I was looking for in a profile. And, after he finally sent in a picture, it was worth the wait! I decided he was definitely worth my time.
~ Kare

eHarmony Testimonials

Aaron & Shirl  
Engaged in December, 2005

“I met Shirl in just two weeks on Perfectmatch.”
With hesitancy, I joined Perfectmatch in June 2005. While I wasn’t overly impressed with her photo (which I found later was to purposely distract), her profile statement spoke volumes. Initially, I balked at having a long distance relationship. We live in different states, and her home is a six hour drive from where I live. I wasn’t prepared, nor expected, what followed. We have a lot of shared values, experiences, joys and disappointments. Even some of our children were the same ages. When we reached the stage of actually having phone conversations, we put everything on the table and bared ourselves. It felt so natural. We still talk to each other several times a day, and each time feels new. We were both quite surprised with the direction and the speed our relationship took, while being cognizant of it being a spiritual leading and not of ours. Considering my previous marriage and relationships, I must say this is the first time I’ve remotely felt what a soul mate is supposed to be like. My mind feels young and this feels intentional. So, in our minds, there’s only one direction to go! ~ Aaron

eHarmony Testimonials

Bob & Jan
Married March 18, 2006

“Perfectmatch really does describe our relationship.”
I knew Jan was right for me during our first date. It still describes how I feel about us. My time with Jan has been, and is, as close to heaven here on earth as I’ve experienced. ~ Bob

Bob is a miracle for me. My happiness is complete with Bob. I have a future with him filled with love, joy and companionship beyond my dreams. I know there’s no other way I could have met him. My heart feels like a fountain…it’s spilling over with love. I’m so grateful and so happy! Thank you, Perfectmatch! ~ Jan


eHarmony Testimonials

Tiffany & Philip  
Married in December 2005

“We had a great time that night and had to be kicked out of the restaurant when they closed for the evening.”
Through Perfectmatch, we started emailing each other in early October of 2004. We weren’t able to meet until the evening of October 20, the night before I was transferred to a Navy recruiting school. The next morning, I left for Florida and didn’t expect to hear from Tiffany again. However, we ended up speaking every night I was in recruiting school. After I graduated from school, I had some leave saved up, returned to Virginia and spent some time with Tiffany. We ended up hitting it off. Then I left for Wyoming and my recruiting office. We did the long distance thing for a few months, and then in July of 2005, Tiffany moved out to Wyoming with me. We were married in December! ~ Philip


eHarmony Testimonials

Daniel & Chrissy  
Married February 4, 2006

“I truly have found my best friend, my soulmate… my perfect match.”
My love found me on this site. Our souls recognized the other, and held strong when we weren’t certain what was going on. After he found me, we emailed a couple times. We then spoke on the phone for three weeks, before he flew to California to see me. After being together for almost three days, it seemed like we’d known each other for three lifetimes. We got engaged. After a week and a half, I flew to his home with him. We spent about two and half weeks together. It was amazing. THANK YOU!! ~ Chrissy

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