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, is the current number 1 dating and personal ads service website worldwide. The amount of tools provided are continuously growing and it has been personally endorsed by Dr. Phil. offers amazing advise and tips on dating and relationships even if you don’t join just reading the articles is beneficial enough.

If you didn’t noticed Match has an amazing 14 Million members worldwide and still growing. This is by far one of the largest online dating membership site! It offers a wide range of members looking for friendships, casual dating, and of course life partners. offers a unique industry leading search tool with an advance search matching technique using safe and secure communication channels.

the world’s leading online dating and personal ads services, continues to define the industry by providing a wide array of exciting tools and effective resources for their members. offers a fun and secure environment for over 15 million of their dynamic members to find friendship, casual dates, and life partners. Each day thousands of new singles join for the opportunity to meet other quality singles through the use of’s innovative search tools, most advanced matching technologies, and secure communication channels.

There are 3 types of searches the first is the 1-way search, 2-way searches and then match by mail. If you’re interested in the 1-way searches you can search based on zip, gender, and age. You can narrow your results by using the physical characteristics, lifestyles, and keywords in profiles. If you want better matches just narrow your results.

The 2-way search function is very simple and is commonly used on match. It brings you results based on your profile and personality and it will only show your results where there will be mutual compatibility. If you’re taking advantage of’s search and profile technology you will find someone that’s also trying to find you. If you’re have an extremely busy lifestyle you can sing up to match by mail. This will bring your profiles of members who is best suited for you. Similar to the 2-way searches.

One of the latest tools Match has come up with is the new Total Attraction Matching™ system which utilizes a personality profiling tool coupled with the worlds first and only physical attraction test. The special tool will go far beyond reading a text profile and viewing a picture. It helps create depth and is definitely a great tool that you won’t find on any other dating site. That is why Match is our first recommended online dating site. - Meet Single People, Parents, True Love

Meeting people and going on dates can be made easy with match and all the great tools it has to offer. You can even send winks, private messages or instant messages to the people you want to meet. It is similar to meeting people on the streets, park, gym it all starts with a smile. Same as online you can send smiles and winks and if they return the same then there’s where the fun begins. You can sign up to match and start searching from a low $24.95 a month. And as a subscriber you can access to contact millions of single people all in your own time and comfort. Get started with the internet’s possibly greatest and largest online dating community in the world.

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Sometimes fate needs a little helping hand called!!!

Lisa and Darren

I work in the medical profession with female colleagues and my job means that I move around from town to town, these two factors combined created a difficult environment to meet people. Darren is a shift worker and has a great group of friends but has found living in a small town that
suitable women are limited. Neither of us had the desire, or the time, to waste on unacceptable people or old fashion methods of meeting people. I had been on the net For Darren it was his first time internet dating; I was his first choice and first date and now we are getting married!
for a few years and had met some fantastic men, some I still consider friends today. For Darren it was his first time internet dating; I was his first choice and first date and now we are getting married! Darren emailed me first and we continued to email for a while before finally arranging to meet. After one date it was like we had known each other for years. As I was the first person he met I wanted him to see if there was anyone else on the site he might be interested in because there seem to be so many nice woman. Darren said he had found everything he ever wanted…plus some (referring to my crazy Canadian side!) And I had met men all over the world and I know a good man when I find one; I was secretly glad he didn’t want to date anyone else. We both have similar likes and dislikes and yet are very different in other ways, which keeps life interesting. I truly believe internet dating is the single best method to bring people of any age together either for companionship or a life long commitment. As long as you are honest with what you write about yourself and who you want to meet you will find a match. Darren and I would NEVER have met even if fate was trying its best to bring us together….sometimes fate needs a little helping hand called!!! - Testimonials brought us together.
Monsikant and Anthony – Thailand/Sydney

I first sent Monsikant a message in January 05 because I was going to Thailand for a holiday and I was looking to get to know some people there before I got there. Within a week, we were emailing each other every day. About two weeks after the first email, Monsikant called me one night and we talked for hours. Over the next month or two we sent each other pictures, letters and spoke on the phone every few
days. We started to get stronger feelings the more we spoke, so we decided it would be good to meet each I am moving to Thailand to be with her while she finishes studying.
other. She came out to Australia for a two month holiday and as soon as we saw each other at the airport we fell more in love. When it was time for her to go back to university, we were both very upset as we had fallen completely in love. We knew then that we were soulmates and wanted to spend our lives together. We are getting married next year, in the meantime I am moving to Thailand to be with her while she finishes studying. We are both so excited and can’t wait. My fiancé and I are very happy and if it was not for, we would not have met. - Testimonials

I knew we would have a chance.
Mark and Lynne

We had both come out of long term relationships and decided it was time we started looking to move on. I saw Lynne’s picture and thought ‘wow’, so I took a chance and emailed her. We got in contact and I talked to her two or
three times before I decided if I didn’t make a move fast she would be gone. We arranged to meet for coffee and I knew we would have a chance for I saw Lynne’s picture and thought ‘wow’
something really special. To cut a long story short, we hit it off from day one and have only been apart for three weeks in total since that first date. We are very much in love and spending equal time between my home outside of Brisbane and her home in Brisbane. It is still just as good today as when we first met.

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