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If you’re looking for a true matchmaking service, then you’ve hit the right spot. eHarmony is truly one of the best sites for true matchmaking. Out of all the match making done on eHarmony there have been 3,000 marriages since 2001. It goes to say that eHarmony is focused entierly on finding you your soul mate. That special someone for you. Unlike eHarmony focuses on personility test, exereices and a lot of questions. If you take the time to enduldge yourself in all the activities and quetions offered you’ll surly be matched with someone special.

There are currently over 4 Million members and with 12,000 new singes registering daily, we believe eHarmony is number 1 in the matchmaking industry. The level of commitment that eHarmony displays is exclusively to finding and building relationships. However if your not looking to find marriage then try out the number 1 online dating site.

When filling out the relationship questionaire to profile 29 different personality demisions you’ll need some patience. Its not a fast quick questionaire can take up to 30minutes to complete. But the results and matches that eHarmony will offer you are amazing.

But before you sign up to eHarmony you should know that if they might be unable to provide you with any matches. It greatly depends on yourself for example if you’re married or separated or seeking the same sex you might not get a match. However if your seeking for true love and marriage then this service is for you.

Once you’ve joined as a member make sure you take up the the free in-depth personiliyt profile and patented matching technology. This amzing tool is increadibly accurate in helping singles find relationships that they are seeking. eHarmony will generate matches when both members have a high compatible rate based on the 29 personality demensions questionaire. And please remember that these questions sheets are quite time consuming but once done it will look for the perfect match for you. And if don’t find the perfect match the first time just be patient. Maybe your true love hasn’t joined yet. So stay on as a member and eventurally you’ll be matched to someone to your liking.

The beauty of using eHarmony is that it is a free service to seach and match. You see signing up is free taking the questionare’s are free getting a match is free. Once you’ve found somoene that you’re likely to start dating or want to meet then you can start your subscription to eHarmony. This next step involves different levels of membership through several flexiable packages to select from and most of them come with a match guarantee. Although eHarmony’s subscription costs are higher than the avearge dating site the quality of matches is far better then any other site and in our opinion worth the investment.

Our Review

eHarmony Testimonials

Married: October 8 2005
Lenley and Leonardo

“Meeting each other has changed our lives forever. We probably wouldn’t have crossed paths if it hadn’t been for eHarmony. We both had been waiting so long to meet that ‘truly compatible’ person and when you introduced us, our waiting was finally over. eHarmony saved us the headache of meeting people randomly, only to find we had little or nothing in common with them. We discovered that we both approach life in a very similar manner, and our similarities and differences really do bring out the very best in our marriage. It’s amazing how well our lives compliment one another. The day I married Leo was the happiest day of my life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without eHarmony! Thank you for bringing us together.”

eHarmony Testimonials

Married: July 9 2005
Steve and Maria

“Through eHarmony’s guided communication process, we were able to get a really good sense of each other’s personalities. When we met face to face, we felt like we already knew a lot about each other and the comfort level for both of us was very high. The structured introduction process that eHarmony uses allowed us to really find out about each other’s important values and beliefs even before we went on our first date. Finally July 9, 2005, we started our life together as Husband and Wife. Thank you eHarmony for bringing us the love of our lives!”

eHarmony Testimonials

Married: October 9 2005
Darrin and LeEllen

“I’ve always had a desire for marriage, but I had never known how to go about searching for a spouse. Skeptical but curious, I joined eHarmony. Before I knew it, eHarmony had matched me with ten different women, and I began communicating with them. However, there was no one that really stood out to me. I was about ready to give up at that point. The next month, eHarmony sent me a new match -LeEllen. It was clear by her profile that there was something special about her, and the fact that we got along so well right from the beginning confirmed it.She is definitely the one. Add yet another success story to your board. eHarmony works!”

eHarmony Testimonials

Married: July 29 2005
Dick and Linda

“eHarmony doesn’t compare to any other dating sites I have tried. I felt very comfortable with the people I communicated with through eHarmony. I was most attracted to Dick’s personality. Our first date was on November 14, 2004. We went for a 5 hour lunch date and just talked and talked. We found out that we are very much alike and have the same goals in life. And to be very frank, the first kiss said it all. We’ve been together ever since! “


eHarmony Testimonials

Married: August 7 2005
Jacob and Ellen

“Our match was made on July 10, 2003, and it was Ellen’s first match. She had tried other sites, but joined eHarmony because her friend was having success. I had not tried other sites before, but heard about eHarmony and decided to try it. After eight months of perseverance and 200-plus matches on eHarmony I finally found Ellen. We’re now enjoying married life and are looking forward to starting a family in the near future.”


eHarmony Testimonials

Married: November 27 2004
Danea Heahlke-Allen

“I recommend eHarmony to every single person I know. I can’t believe how fast and efficient you were able to match me to Larry, the love of my life and my new husband! It was the easiest and most complete dating service I’ve ever used and boy did it pay off!”


eHarmony Testimonials

Married: July 9 2005
Katharina T. Sonora, CA
Skip S. EL Dorado Hills, CA

“We are so happy to have found each other. Both sets of parents also feel that we were made for each other. We are thankful to eHarmony for bringing us together. We couldn’t imagine a better match.”

Our Review

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